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On the Eve of 13.1

This is it, It’s here!! Weeks of training and hundreds of miles have been logged since registering in December. The day has come for me to get it; my ultimate goal of 13.1. It’s a huge cause it’s my first, you can only have one first, making it that much more special. I think about … Continue reading

One Happy Runner!

This is one loooonnngggg overdue blog post! I have been wanting to sit and blog but since finishing up my school year and having the kids full time for summer, free time is NOT my friend. When I have free time, I am usually (A) running or (B) running errands. Either way, I’m getting some … Continue reading

That Moment

          There truly is nothing like that moment something happens that you have mentally played out in your head so many times.  That moment it happens is priceless.  That moment you realize your life has changed… for the better.  That moment your realize it was the result of determination and motivation … Continue reading