One Happy Runner!

This is one loooonnngggg overdue blog post! I have been wanting to sit and blog but since finishing up my school year and having the kids full time for summer, free time is NOT my friend. When I have free time, I am usually (A) running or (B) running errands. Either way, I’m getting some type of running in, haha. Many AWESOME things have happened since my last post about hitting my 100 lb weight loss. Allow me to back up to that date….

wpid-collage-2014-06-16-12_35_24.jpg.jpeg    wpid-photogrid_1403574608162.jpg

June 16: I had taken this day off of work. I was incredibly inspired by hitting the triple digits on the scale that I wanted to see the double digits on the GPS. I had only run close to 8 so I knew this would be my ultimate challenge but I felt like I could take on anything after hitting that milestone! I did not tell anyone. I think my hubs knew what was up when he asked if I’d be back from my run in time to get my son from school and my reply was no. I just said, I want to run long and I’m not setting any pressure on my time today. That was that! I parked at the local train station and headed down the bike path. I ran 5 miles in one direction and turned around for 5 miles back. I was really struggling around miles 7-9 but once I saw the 9 miles on my TomTom, I felt a surge of power and desire to see the 10!! I kept going and made it! I was so happy I even shed some happy tears! I just couldn’t believe it! When I arrived home, I told my husband and he was thrilled for me and quite impressed. What a great feeling 🙂

wpid-img_20140417_195616.jpg      wpid-received_m_mid_1403644127681_1d24e47ad4b72a9d51_1.jpeg
At the end of June I was told I was an ambassador for PlowOn Energy Gum! Wahoo! I will tell you, this stuff is great! I am not a fan of the GU or many other energy chews. They do a number on my stomach. I love popping in a PlowOn gum during mile 3-4 and it carries me through my run. I really enjoy it and encourage you to give it a try! I can offer you free S & H by using code : runswithhope at the checkout.
June 29: I was feeling like I was ready for another long run, but the time of day was not really ideal. I managed to conquer 9 miles in some high temp weather. I had purchased a 4 bottle fuel belt, I hadn’t wanted a 4 bottle belt but it was a great price so I was sold.

wpid-201406291738.png  wpid-photogrid_1404162189081.jpg

The end of June was a great time for me to reflect on how I have done with my half marathon training. My goal for June was 85 miles and I completed 86.3!! Woo Hoo!! I was incredibly impressed and proud of how far I have come! I did not stick to the plan as closely as I had thought I would have. Once I ran the 10 miler, my confidence for being able to accomplish the half was soaring. I know I can do ANYTHING I but my heart into cause I want it. I am so ready for it!
Now it is July and the days are passing me by faster than I’d like. I ran another 10 miles yesterday. Yesterday’s run was especially great because I chose to use most of the upcoming 10 mile race route. I parked at the Point Judith Lighthouse and ran down Pt.Judith rd until the Old.Pt.Judith Road, Kinney, then onto Earle Ct. From there it took my down to Ocean Rd and back up to the lighthouse. I was a perfect 10.0 even! I am getting really good at determining distance, LOL. I had a feeling it was going to be close and was willing to turn around and run extra to get the 10. I felt amazing when I finished! I never feel starving after these long runs, I actually have to force myself to eat a fruit or something. I really hydrate after never leaving my totally hungry. Its funny, I always imagined I’d be a ravenous runner. Not so much; which it totally fine with me! I was thinking, perhaps because I am eating so well these days. I fueled up with kale, lentils, oats, veggies, and fruits on Saturday. I’m sure that helps, don’t you think?


And so here I am on this scheduled rest day. I wanted to go to boot camp but realize rest is what will make me stronger so I will just rest up for a good week ahead! I will be taking the kids bowling this AM. I think I will bowl with them. Tonight is the first night of the local kids track series. My kids will run and I will live vicariously through them, LOL.

THE GANSETT HALF: I have not registered yet, but you all know I will 😉 (NOV.2nd)

I will not wait so long before I blog again, this was a long one!I hope you enjoyed it!
~ Emily XO


7 thoughts on “One Happy Runner!

  1. You’re rocking it with your mileage! I am training for my first half too and have done only one 11 mile run. Making it that far definitely give you this sense of being able to accomplish anything- such an amazing feeling!

  2. Wow congratulations! I still remember the first time I hit 10 miles, it’s only 1 more than 9 but such a surreal feeling to hit double digits! Glad you’re training is going well, sounds like you’re ready to ROCK your upcoming races – keep up the good work!

  3. So exciting for you Emily. You are killing it. I don’t know how we find the time to keep up blogging while home with kids during the summer. I love your progress with running and I am still trying to stay motivated with mine…Your post just helped encourage me 🙂

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