Carry on…

This is that time of year I get those depressing winter blues.  It’s inevitable.  The holidays are over, the weather is cold and unbearable, colds/sickness seems to be everywhere, and the feeling of being trapped inside is incredibly frustrating.  I try to get out for a run or two during the week, but its my … Continue reading

Tell it all Tuesday!

This Tuesday,  I will tell you all about one of my favorite things.  I have many favorite things that have helped me lose weight over the past three years and this is one of those marvelous things.  I made a family meal menu board.  Every Sunday, I sit down and plan my dinners for the … Continue reading

Facing Challenges

This week I was faced with a couple of challenges.  Sunday night I went to bed happy and healthy, woke up with the incredible pain of a pinched nerve in my neck.  OUCH!! I hate when that happens.  (maybe I need a new pillow, lol) I had a hard time even lifting my arms to … Continue reading

Tell Me To Move My A$$!!!

  This is my first edition on Tell it Tuesday! Each Tuesday I’ll be telling you what products, foods, places, etc, that I like.  Today I am talking about my most favorite gadget, the activity tracker.  I love wearing an activity tracker.  I have worn one for over 3 years.  I started with the good … Continue reading

Rest Day…ugh

  Rest days challenge me.  Burpees? no.  Sprints? nope.  How about running 5 miles?  not too much.  Ask me to rest and I will struggle.  Sure the exercises I listed are a challenge, but of a different kind.  As a former “chubby” girl, I can’t shake the feeling that I need to exercise everyday or … Continue reading