Tearing Me Down

 Saw this on FB…. I start this post on a more depressing note because that is how my week started.  I weighed in this week.  I entered this weigh in with the HOPE that it was a good report.  That the scale would show all my efforts and hard work.  I was happy to see … Continue reading

What’s The Word?

The weather here in Rhode Island is enough to make you crazy.  We have had 4 snow days from school giving my family a SERIOUS case of cabin fever! Thankfully the additional 6 inches we welcomed yesterday happened on a Saturday and we are now in our week off for February Vacation.  I do not … Continue reading

My Scary Things

There are many things I find to be scary; downright terrifying.  Of those scary things, there are some I simply put my big girl pants on and face.  For example, the idea of participating in a mud/obstacle course race.  Working my butt off to go from fat to fit girl gave me the idea that … Continue reading