On the Eve of 13.1

wpid-img_412344841358408.jpegThis is it, It’s here!! Weeks of training and hundreds of miles have been logged since registering in December. The day has come for me to get it; my ultimate goal of 13.1. It’s a huge cause it’s my first, you can only have one first, making it that much more special. I think about how I started. I was so out of shape. Running? Not a chance in hell. I had to lose some serious weight before I even considered putting that kind of impact on my joints. Man oh man, I have come a long way. How do I feel? Well, scared beyond belief…excited…but ready. I’m so ready for this. I have had nothing but people cheering, encouraging, and pushing me on all week leading up to this day. I’m ready. I’m ready to do this. Emily will be a half-marathoner. Whhhhaattt??? It seems so weird to think about, so surreal. I have been thinking about what my post race meal will be, LOL.  Inside this body is a LARGE portion of the old Emily that still is quite passionate about good eats.  I am imagining a juicy burger at The Rathskeller coupled with fries and ice cold beer.  It sounds great, right?  I wonder what other people choose for their meals.  The race will be over for me around 9:30-10am so I will most likely head home, shower and nap.  When I wake up is when the celebration will begin! OMG.  I can’t wait! I think I’ll even wear the finishers medal out for dinner cause WTH, why not?  A girl has at least 24 hours to brag…perhaps 48, haha! 😉  Stay tuned…

~ Emily XO



One thought on “On the Eve of 13.1

  1. I am so excited for you!!!! You are trained and ready for this!! Enjoy every step of it, especially that one taking you across the finish line and making you a half marathoner!! GO girl!!

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