A Vega Product Review

  I have been given the opportunity to review a product through Fit Approach as a Sweat Pink ambassador.  I am a part of Vega’s Sport Campaign 2014.  I was really excited this opportunity came along as my trainers live a Vegan lifestyle and I know they encourage their clients to look into healthier plant-based … Continue reading

I got a LIEBSTER Award!!

A LIEBSTER AWARD!!! This week my blog was nominated for a Liebster Award.  This award is given to bloggers from fellow bloggers.  I received this award from Ironwoman Strong  Upon receiving this award I was given 10 questions to answer.  I am looking forward to YOU getting to know more about ME 🙂 1. Cats or dogs? … Continue reading

Destination: Onederland

I have been thinking about how I wanted to write this particular blog post.  I did not want to write it unless I felt fully confident that I had officially arrived at this destination I have dreamed of for so very long.  Well, my friends, I am proud to announce I have arrived in Onederland. … Continue reading