Recapping of the Races and More!

Busy runnah in the summah!! Whoo hoo! I have literally been on the run these days and it sure does show. I have lost  spent many hours training for all these races and the biggest one of all is just a week away!
On Sunday August 3rd, I ran in the annual Run 4 Kerri. This a very special race in my community to honor a local runner who lost a battle to meningitis she contracted suddenly at college. She was a young beautiful girl who was taken too soon. Her family took her passion of running and created this local race that draws in running greats from all over New England. The Run 4 Kerri is a 4 miler. It is set in the beach community and it relatively flat with the exception of a couple hills. The first time I had done this race I was just starting off in my weight loss journey and did a run/walk routine. My time was just under an hour, around 58 minutes I believe. This year I was setting my bar at 44 minutes. With the summer heat and humidity, I was aiming for the 11/min pace. I was HOPING for less though, haha. I felt great that day and decided to push hard and earned a PR at 42:04, 10:30/mi. I was thrilled! I used my PLOW On energy gum at mile 2.6 and felt the boost of energy right away. Yay for that! It was a beautiful course that ran through a neighborhood that included spectators on lawns cheering us on, watering us with hoses and offering us water. It was a great day! The other thing that is cool about this race is the shirt. They always have the best technical tees! They have a local artist draw some cool art for it and it quickly becomes of my favorite race shirts. Check out this year’s design! I have a DEEEEEP love of anchors so this one really hit home for me!

wpid-20140803_104948-1.jpg    wpid-img_20140803_142757.jpg

Today, August 10, I ran the Bobby Doyle Summer Classic. This is another small local race that attracts many serious runners as well as runners like me. I ran this one last year, yet I ran the 5k option of the race. They did not offer that option this year, only a 5 miler. I was going to skip this race because it was so stinking hot on the course last year. Once they released the picture of the t-shirt graphic and the finishers metal, I could not pass it up, LOL. I love me some race bling! It was a great deal to register early and they would also toss in a race pint glass…SOLD!
I knew of a few friends running this race so I was happy to find them and say hello. I saw them right away as the crowd was not so big, I think just shy of 250. I ran with Heather, my friend I ran the 10 miler Blessing of the Fleet with. We started off to the starting mat and we waited for the gun. As we were standing there, we realized how hot we already were, LOL. It was sure to be a warm run! Once the gun went off we kept a great pace. I believe the 1 mile mark we were around 10:30 and at the 2 mile mark it was around 22 minutes. At that point we had already seen the first runners on their way to the finish!! Holy Sh!T!!!! That is simply amazeballs. I love that we were able to see it. Anyway, we kept on running, wanting to get to the 5k mark. They had put a timing mat down there so we’d have that time as well as the 5 mile overall time. I thought that was nice. The roads were familiar to me since they were down by the ocean, my preferred running spot. Once I got to the 5k mark, I started to suck. I was struggling with the temperature and hills. I fell back to my good ol strategy of run strong, run hard, then break. That is basically what got me through to the end. I was happy once I was on the homestretch! I finished strong with a time of 55:13, 10:55/mi. I have never done a 5 mile race, so once again, another PR for me!

wpid-20140810_110718.jpg  wpid-20140810_102335.jpg  wpid-20140810_110712.jpg

wpid-20140810_104116.jpg   wpid-20140810_182514.jpg

As I sit here and think about the races I have completed, I can’t help but think about what is still to come…13.1!!!! In 7 days I will be sitting here, a half marathoner! I can hardly wait!! I have worked so hard and put in so many miles in order to get this done to the best of my ability. I can only imagine how incredibly overwhelmed I will be when I cross that finish line!


In order to give it my best, I will have a super strict schedule this week. I plan on eating really clean and hydrating with NOTHING but water. No beer, booze, or wine. I don’t drink anything else but that and seltzer so not too much of a change. I plan on carb-ing it up on Friday and Saturday. I plan on resting completely on Saturday and light, shake it out activity, on Friday. I will get to bed early Wed-Saturday.

Here it goes…Oh and by the way. I have read sooooo may posts about how once I cross that finish line I’ll be looking for my next half. I figured that’d be true for me too so I just registered for the inaugural Gansett Half!! Woot Woot! The fun shall continue!


10 thoughts on “Recapping of the Races and More!

  1. Well done on Run 4 Kerri!! Blew the goal out of the water!!! I’ve never done that one and probably won’t get the opportunity as it always conflicts with something. Bobby Doyle today was nice, I love running in Gansett. I’ve yet to commit to that 1/2. I may volunteer or just go and cheer on all the runners I know running it (including you!!) Great job today!!!

    • Thanks Beth! I do enjoy the Run 4 Kerri, hopefully you can run it sometime. I bet you will be joining in the Gansett Half, its such a beautiful area and mostly a flat course. Am I convincing? 😉

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