Week One- Oh So Fun! Week Two- Got a new shoe!

I have finished my first two weeks of half-marathon training and I still feel very excited to continue the plan.  I originally was tossed of whether to exactly follow the plan or if I was able to tweak it.  A few awesome runner friends commented and let me know it was cool to change it up and make it work for me.  I was unsure if the walk, run, walk portion was something I should hold on to.  I was told to run the whole distance if I can and walk if I wanted to; no pressure if I wanted to walk some of the distance for the day.

Week 1- I began with a 5 mile run.  It was supposed to be a walk 2, run1, walk 2 but opted to run the whole thing.  I did that twice in week one with a three mile run another day. Week one I did a total of 14 miles.



Week 2- This was a big week for me since I did not have boot camp this week.  I had to remain dedicated to the early rise wake ups and get a couple long runs in before the school day.  Monday was a rest day.  Tuesday I ran 6 miles instead of the walk 2, run 2, walk 2.  It felt good, real good.  Maybe, it was the new shoes.  wpid-photogrid_1401740239138.jpg  (YES!! I got two new pairs of shoes to rotate through my half training. I got Saucony Hurricanes and the current shoe I have been running in, the Brooks Adrenaline. )  It appears it takes me mile 3-4 to get in my running mode.  I felt really good on the run this morning and was so proud when I finished!  Wednesday I met some friends for a light jog.  I ended up doing 4 miles even through plan called for a cross-training day.  Thursday I did 3 miles and Friday was a planned rest day.  Now, I had decided to swap Friday’s rest for a Saturday rest.  Saturday looked like a real nice beach day.  It took some pep talk, but I managed to get another 6 mile run in before school on Friday too! It was the perfect way to start my weekend!  I was beyond thrilled to add up this week’s milage~ 22 miles!! Woot Woot!

wpid-photogrid_1401790997867.jpg   wpid-abm_1401962475.jpg


This is the start of week 3, the plan called for a 3.5 mile run but I had registered for a local 5K race this morning.  It was the Katie DeCubellis Memorial 5K.  This is a popular race that has a nice generally flat course.  It was the perfect day for a race 🙂  The only obstacle was the heat! It happened to be a hot day and we are not quite used to the steamy temps yet so it made running a bit of a struggle, especially for someone like me who runs before the sunrises! I felt good this morning when I arrived, saw a few friends and was anxious to get going.  I knew this was not the day for a PR but still wanted to run hard enough that I would have no regrets, I was going to push myself.  I decided to carry my hand held 10oz bottle so I wouldn’t have the excuse that I was parched, haha.  I usually don’t drink much of it, it’s kinda my security blanket.  The first mile time was 10:07, and the second mile time was around 10:45.  I finished in 33:49, making it 10:55/mi average.  I am happy 🙂  I will definitely do this race again.  It was well planned and had wonderful post race foods.  I didn’t have more than the banana cause that’s how I roll, haha.  It was nice seeing people be happy and have fun after completing the race.  I really do love running races.  I ran so many last year, this year I had decided to take it easy and focus on the training.  I am teaching my daughter it’s not about the runner’s win, it’s about the runner’s heart ❤ Lucky for me, I have a huge heart!


Week 3 training runs will continue in addition to my boot camp sessions.  Also, this week will be my last session with my nutrition and wellness coaching.  I am BEYOND excited to hop on the scale this week.  I am confident this is the week I WILL HIT MY GOAL.  If I get on the scale and see 188 pounds, I will lose my mind.  That will offically mark my 100 lb weight loss.  I told them to bring tissues, LOL.  I have learned so freaking much about my eating in the time of my nutrition coaching.  It literally has changed my life.  I am so grateful to my coaches ❤  This week has a lot in store! It should be one butt kicking week and I love the challenge! Bring it!


9 thoughts on “Week One- Oh So Fun! Week Two- Got a new shoe!

  1. Good job!

    Many experts actually recommend strategic walking breaks during your runs, as they help stave off exhaustion in the later miles of your run. So if you’re going to do walk breaks it actually helps to start them before you are tired. It’s a personal preference thing for sure – I always run the whole thing but that’s just me!

    • Thank you for telling me that, Hanna! That not only makes sense but gives me a huge sense of relief since I do often stop, catch my breath, focus, and continue on. 🙂

  2. I envy you for doing boot camp and half marathon training at the same time! So exciting! And smart choice getting two new pairs of shoes I did too! I just started my half marathon training last week but I went ahead and got two new pairs, hoping one of them holds up for my race in August 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more about your progress!

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