And so it begins… The road to 13.1


And it’s here…the training will no longer wait.  Tomorrow, I will begin my official training for the Narragansett Bay Half Marathon on August 17th.  ((Sigh)) I’m scared, I’m anxious, I’m proud, and I’m super excited.  I want this badly.  I think of how I have wanted other things and I get them.  This one is going to take everything I got in me to accomplish.


GOAL: To finish.

It’s that simple.  My goal is clear and attainable.  This is my first attempt at a long distance race and I have decided to not put any added pressure on myself with a goal time.  Of course, because I am who I am, I have a time in my head.  Not sure whether I should share that with you or not cause then it’s “out there.”  I am not prepared for running in the heat of summer.  I plan to tackle this by doing most of my training runs at night.  This will also help me prepare for a local 10 miler at the end of my training plan.  The 10 miler is held at 6pm in late July, aka HOLY HOT HUMIDITY.  That in itself will be a challenge.  The half is in August, also hot, but will begin at 7am.  I should be warm but risk of overheating will not be such an issue.

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For all that I have accomplished, I still have to convince myself that I can do this.  I CAN DO THIS.  My mind is often my worst enemy.  I typically don’t enjoy the first three miles.  After the first three, I feel like I have established myself until I get to mile 7.  Then the negative/doubtful talk begins.  The holy sh!t…what was I thinking? are you really considered a runner?  If you feel like this now, how will you get to 13?  I hate it and I plan to put a stop to it.  Action plan?  Well, I’m going with visualization.  Yup, dreaming.  I plan on visualizing what I look like and how I will feel once I can say I’m a half marathoner.  Just the thought of it puts butterflies in my belly! I dream of slapping a big ass 13.1 sticker on my car.  I dream of wearing my medal…for like a week, haha.  I will keep in touch with all my virtual runner friends and look for the support they ( most likely, YOU) have given me so far and know that I will be inspired the day I head out for the big race.

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The Plan:  8 Week Training Plan from Fitness Magazine

The plan I chose looks simple and looks like it will fit into my daily life really well.  I am unsure about how two days a week it has a walk, run, walk.  This is where I struggle.  Do I stick to that?  Or do I run the entire mileage?  I was planning on not swaying from the plan.  If you think it’s silly, please let me know.  I’m such a newbie, any advice is MORE than welcomed! As I had mentioned, I had planned to do most of my training runs in the evening.  This fits really well cause I can still fit my 5:30am boot camp in each day.  Also, running in the evening will help prepare me for running in the heat and humidity, YUCK! I may be finishing most of my runs by running directly into the ocean 😉


The Fuel:  Eat clean. Eat whole.  Drink water like a fool

I have been eating really well for almost 12 weeks now.  I feel amazing and plan to keep it up.  The new way I am eating is really fueling my body to meet my goals.  I am trying to add more whole grains into my diet and it is hard.  I have always mentally told myself, no bread for you! or Pasta is the devil.  I am learning that I will not gain weight by eating healthy grains like quinoa or sprouted grain breads.  That these foods will actually give me the energy I need on my runs.  I am currently drinking 60-100oz of water a day.  I want to aim for a minimum of 100 oz.  Yes, drink all the water…pee all the time 😉

Here I go…wish me luck! You will hear alllllll about my training adventures and struggles.  In 84 days, I’ll be posting how this mother runner will be a half marathoner!  ~ Emily


15 thoughts on “And so it begins… The road to 13.1

  1. Yay, you can so do it!

    I know that mental game and we have all been there. Visualization is a grew tool and I use it all the time. You should see me swim in my head! LOL

    I think if you plan to walk/run the race than you should do what it says but if you just plant run,I would just run. You can make that decision as you go on though.

    We will be switching to some night runs also and you are always welcome to join us. We have fast and slow runners so there is always someone to run with and honestly, our fast runners tend to slow down so that we can all run together. It is a great group.

    I am looking forward to following you along on your journey to 13.1. I will never forget that first race and I didn’t even leave the parking lot until that 13.1 sticker was on my car! I don’t think I will be running that race, but will most likely volunteer.

    • Thank you so much, Nicole! I will try and run most of the walk run walks and if I have to walk, I won’t beat myself up over it 🙂
      I appreciate the invite for a group run. I don’t know why this scares me like it does, haha. I put so much pressure on myself, I’d hate to be the one dragging the group down. I will have to try it sometime so I can get rid of my silly fears.
      It’d be great to volunteer for the race. I volunteered for the Run 4 Kerri last year and it was so cool being on the other side; watching all the first runners come through..very inspiring!
      Thanks for believing in me ❤

      • You got it!

        I was so fearful of running with other people for all the same reasons as you. I just did it one day and said what happens, happens. I was the slowest of the group but I was never left alone and I was so thankful. I still walk sometimes and would be happy to run and walk with you anytime!

  2. I am so excited for you!!! I also have decided to train for a half marathon this year!! So this is really awesome to read, and those training materials are GREAT! Thank you for posting that. And by the way, I’m pretty sure quinoa actually isn’t a grain, so THAT’s awesome hahah. I don’t eat grains because I have sensitives to it, but I was told quinoa is okay! Anyway, super excited for you!!! ❤

  3. good luck! today starts my training for my first as well (just a few weeks after yours), so we’ll be going through this together 🙂 i definitely struggle with my mind the ENTIRE time i’m running, and don’t really feel in the groove of things until sometime during mile 2, sometimes mile 3. 13 still sounds impossible right now, but we can do it!

  4. This is exciting news! I know you will be great! I am no where near ready for a half but I can live vicariously through you as you train LOL. I look forward to following along and will be cheering you on until the end!

  5. You got this! I just know it! Stay focused, remember why you want it, what motivates you… Do drink lots of water with this humidity – I can’t believe how hot it is already…sniff. sniff. Will check in often! 🙂 #TeamSupport

  6. Good Luck! I was in your shoes last year and scared to death. But I did my first half and then promptly registered for another one. Both had my brain yelling at my knees yelling at my calves yelling at my brain…
    Train safe and smart so I can read a really awesome race recap in August.

  7. I found your blog through my reader and I just wanted to say, GOOD LUCK! How exciting! I actually just completed my own first half marathon, back in May, so I’ve just recently been there and I know what you’re going through. Like you, I also had a secret goal time that I was very reluctant to tell anyone. I ended up achieving it, so once the race was over, of course I was more than happy to let the cat out of the bag 😛

    I look forward to hearing about your training! Also, PS – totally random – but I read your About Me and I also hate beets. UGH SO GROSS!!

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