A Vega Product Review


I have been given the opportunity to review a product through Fit Approach as a Sweat Pink ambassador.  I am a part of Vega’s Sport Campaign 2014.  I was really excited this opportunity came along as my trainers live a Vegan lifestyle and I know they encourage their clients to look into healthier plant-based proteins.  I had tried a few Vega products in the past and was highly impressed with not only the nutrition, but the taste as well.

I was selected to review the Vega Sport Performance Protein.

At first glance, the package is appealing.  Its statement on the front states “IMPROVE STRENGTH, BUILD AND REPAIR MUSCLE, REDUCE RECOVERY TIME BETWEEN TRAINING.” Prepare, Sustain, Recover are the three divisions of the products in the Vega Sport line. This is a recovery dietary supplement.  Turning it over to the Nutrition Facts, it is clear to see the plant-based protein ingredients such as Pea Protein, SaviSeed Protein, Sprouted Whole Grain Rice Protein, and Alfalfa Protein.  One serving of boasts 26 grams of plant protein! That is impressive.  There are many competitive companies on the market pushing their “nutritional” protein shakes to the public.  The question you need to ask is “What kind of protein is in your supplement?”  Whey protein is the main ingredient in many brands.  Soy proteins are also in many, some with GMO soy!  The fact is our bodies digest plants much better than the other available proteins.  Plants are the perfect fuel for your body; Vega is the first all-natural plant -based supplement for athletes.



The first way I wanted to test out the product was to simply add it to the suggested 8-12oz of water.  I put it in a shaker bottle and added a few ice cubes and shook like crazy.  I was given the Vanilla flavor. I liked the way the powder easily mixed with the cold water; it seemed to blend well by shaking without the use of a blender.


 Once I had time to fancy-up the powder, I knew what I wanted to add, banana and/or peanut butter! Seeing the vanilla flavor is very versatile, you could add almost anything to it to make it different.  (Note: It also comes in chocolate) I was also curious to make it a green smoothie by adding some baby spinach.  I drink a green smoothie everyday for breakfast so it was bound to happen! Gotta have those greens 🙂


The second way I tasted the supplement was adding the 10 oz. of water, i TB. of natural peanut butter and half a frozen banana.  Can you say DELICIOUS!! I loved the shake both ways. In pinch, its great as a stand alone shake.  When you got a few minutes, add some fresh fruit or nut butter to make it awesome! Drink up, and #fuelyourbetter! Vega is the best way to go in your post workout recovery!

So in a nutshell, I highly recommend Vega Sport Recovery Protein! Everything you read here was simply my opinion and I was not paid for this review.  I was given the product through my Fit Approach ambassadorship in return for a blog review.


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