Be One With The Vegetable…The Green One ;)

Are you eating your veggies? Be honest!! I have been writing my foods in a journal for awhile now and it has been brought to my attention that I am in fact NOT EATING MY VEGGIES!!! Say WHAT?!!?!  That’s right, my friends.  Apparently, the beloved foods I eat daily are NOT vegetables at all.  The crispy chopped salad that comes in a pretty bag? Nope, cabbage and iceburg lettuce mix.  Ok, so the peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers? Nope, those are fruits.  The one thing that makes my salad rock./.the avocado?  I guess that is a fruit too!!! Oh Em Gee.  Here I am stunned.  I thought that for MONTHS (could be over a year) I had been eating the bestest salads ever and in all reality I could have done much better.  Well, I’m kicking that chopped salad to the curb and replacing it with Baby Spinach and Baby Kale.  Never been a huge fan of tomatoes, I eat them cause they are good for you.  It’s just what I do.  I am not really loving the Kale either, but I’ll suck it up cause that is what my body needs.  I’ve had this philosophy for a while, eventually the weird stuff grows on me.  Like Chia seeds, I had a hard time getting used to them at first, but now I’m good and will gladly add them in my meals.  Chia seeds are kinda nutty tasting, not a fan of the jelly outer layer they get, but when you add them in yogurt or a smoothie, it is hard to tell.  Hemp seeds are a new addition to my diet too.  I just starting adding them this week and I’m a fan from day one! They are nutty tasting too.  I love them on a salad, very delicious!

wpid-20140327_152058.jpg      wpid-PinQuotes_Android_App_669478.jpg

So I have been making a green smoothie every morning and having a “green” salad everyday for lunch and a green veggie at dinner.  I’m feeling great! Wahoo! I think it’s making a difference already!  The green smoothie gets me some pretty weird looks at work.  I get the “are you drinking algae?” and “How the hell/What the hell are you drinking?” and the ever popular “that’s nasty” comment.  The thing is,  I think it looks pretty and it certainly doesn’t taste nasty, so it never really bothers me 😉


And on a food side note…is it just me or do you think Fritos should be considered healthy?  I mean look at the ingredients! #1- There is only 3 ingredients!!            #2- I can pronounce all three of them!           #3- No preservatives!  Looks like clean eating to me! haha…Did I convince you? 😉


So Let’s talk…do you get your veggies in everyday?  How do you get them in?  Got a green smoothie recipe you want to share with me?  Want to  tell me how to cook Swiss Chard?  I’m not sure what the heck it even looks like when I try and go find it in the store! (don’t laugh, I’m serious!) Please help a girl out! I want to get my greens in and be as creative as possible! Thank you!! xo ~Emily


3 thoughts on “Be One With The Vegetable…The Green One ;)

  1. I get the same comments at work about my green smoothie. I like to make it with spinach, strawberries, cherries and almond milk. Yum!!

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