Getting back on that horse!

This week started off rough! Little did I know that run last Saturday was the start of a sinus cold.  It makes perfect sense now why I had a bad run.  I rested on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  WHOA.  I haven’t skipped 3 days of exercise in ages! It was a big deal but I really didn’t want to get worse.  I faithfully used my trusty Neti pot and added more fruits and veggies.


By Wednesday, I was feeling better and knew the cold was on it’s way out.  Awesomeness.  As a kindergarten teacher, I am surprised I don’t get sick more often but I have worked long enough that my immunity is pretty high.  I returned to boot camp on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for some awesome butt kicking workouts! Love it 🙂

wpid-20140322_110816.jpg wpid-20140322_102828.jpg wpid-20140322_102838.jpg

Saturday I was happy to take a rest day.  I was still feeling soreness in my Quads from the crazy wall sits we did at camp this week.  I was up bright and early to volunteer in a charity event.  I had committed to volunteer at Feed My Starving Children (FMSC).  I met some of my boot camp friends and we drove to the event.  Once there we were given a quick overview/orientation of the food packing expectations.  We each had jobs to do at the tables. The jobs were scooping the rice, veggies, soybean, chicken, weighing the bag, sealing the bag, and the packing. It was quite an impressive organized event.  I was in charge of packing the food in the box to be shipped.  I had to pack 36 Manna Rice packs in each box.  We worked for 2 hours and we were told at the end that all the volunteers packed enough food for 177 children to eat one meal a day for one entire year! How wonderful! The event had me thinking about how blessed I am to be able to have foods to eat every single day..all day.  I will be more mindful of waste too.  This is something my family could definitely work on at home.


I woke up today with a great attitude; ready to face the day! I went out for a quick run this morning.  I went with a run around my house.  The run had some rolling hills and got me breathing heavy.  I had hoped the loop I was choosing would be around 3 miles.  When I finished at my mailbox, my GPS read 2.8 miles.  Oh well, good to know for next time.  I also was going to have my meeting today about my food journal.  I was very anxious for this to happen! I could not wait to see what some of my downfalls are and how they could possibly be having an affect on my lack of weight loss.  I felt scared and excited.  I think I eat quite healthy, so I was totally ready!


The meeting went really really well!!! I think my honesty is what makes me feel really proud.  By being completely honest in my food logging, I was able to get the advice and direction that I need.  It was brought to my attention that my sugar intake is way too high.  Easy thing to change 🙂  Also, the need to add more greens.  Again, easy to change 🙂  The mindless snacking, you know, the -grab a handful of chips or cheeze its just because they are sitting in front of me- snacking.  Totally guilty.  As I reflect about it, I can easily see how it all adds up.  I’m getting back up on that horse and I’m going to get some goals accomplished!! VERY excited to start a new week with these new changes…YAY! :)!!!


What do you do to help you meet your goals?  Do you post them everywhere? Comment below~ I’d love to hear some ideas!


4 thoughts on “Getting back on that horse!

  1. Emily
    I’ll be watching you at lunch. Hehe your beautiful you know that. Love ya
    Brit aka whatever y’all are calling me that day 🙂

  2. Hi Emily, I commend you for your honesty with your food journal. It’s not always easy to be honest with yourself. Good luck making some food changes in your lifestyle, I look forward to reading about your adventures! xo Tara

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