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Last Sunday I ran my first race of 2014! The Ocean’s Run 1/2 Marathon & 5k.  I ran the 5K.  The half marathon for this race looks like a beautiful course.  I am setting my goal to run the half for next year.  I can already see how training for it will be a struggle but I have plenty of time to worry about that later.  The 5K had a lovely course too. It was rolling course along the coast.  It was a cold day; I warmed up as soon as I began the run.  I ran the race with my friend, Alisha.  She is one amazing athlete looking to get back into running after having her last daughter.  She ran strong the whole time.  She really was my perfect running partner! She kept a great pace the entire course; it really kept me motivated.  It was one of those races that does some looping so you can see the first runners making their way back.  I kinda like those; you can wave and cheer the other runners on.  I was having a bit of a struggle on the last half mile.  I had a cough that I couldn’t really get out of my lung, it was annoying and somewhat stopped me from sprinting it to the end.  Overall, I was very happy with my time.  My GPS said it was 3.2 mi, 10:20/mi, 33:15.  The Race results said 3.4 mi, 9:27/mi, 33:13.  Either way, I’m a happy runner 🙂  This was my first race with TRIMOM Productions.  What a well organized event! Every single thing was so smooth! From packet pick up the prior day to the foods in the post-race tent- everything was great.  The race even allowed the runners to choose a 1/4 zip gray fleece pullover or a beautiful blue long sleeve tech tee  I chose the long sleeve tee.  I don’t have too many and I’m heading outdoors for bootcamp soon; it was an easy choice for me.  Overall, the one little detail that made me smile about this whole race was how each runner’s name was announced as they crossed the finish line.  I love that.  What made it more more special for me was that the anouncers were my good friends whom I’ve known for years.  It was just great having them cheer me on and see me as a runner; felt proud 🙂

wpid-PhotoGrid_1394302298705.jpg                         wpid-20140309_122746.jpg

New shoes arrived this week.  I was excited and nervous! I have been running in Mizuno Alchemy Wave 13 since I began running.  I searched many websites and none had my size in stock.  Bummer! One site had a shoe recommendation that was comparable to the Mizuno and it was the Brooks Adreneline GTS 13.  I decided to go for it.  I ordered them and was anxiously awaiting the arrival.  They came on Tuesday and I tried them out at Boot Camp on Wednesday AM.  They felt so much more cushiony than my Mizunos.  I think I will wear these while I am indoors at camp and on my runs.  I will bring my Mizunos back out when we move camp outside.  My shoes get soaked when venture into the fields in the early morning hours.  Once the landscapers start the mowing, they really get ruined.  I want to make the Brooks last as long as I can for the upcoming half marathon training.

Saturday I woke up and checked the weather.  It said it was going to be in the low 40’s.  Sunday was going to be colder, not to get out of the 30’s.  I usually rest on Saturdays, run on Sundays.  I wanted to get a long run in, I was aiming for 7 miles.  I decided to bite the bullet and head out for a run on Saturday.  Little did I know, this was a horrible idea.  I did not have a great breakfast.  I ate a small slice of Irish Soda bread and a handful of Almonds.  I just wanted to hurry up and get out there.  I thought I’d pack an applesauce packet as my mid-run fuel and I dropped half and Nuun in my hand held water bottle.  I was really anxious to give the new shoes a test run! About 1.5 miles in I just wasn’t feeling it.  I had to stop a few times to blow my nose.  I appears I am developing a sinus cold 😦  I really can’t complain as I RARELY get sick.  It was surely having an effect on my run.  I fought the urge to stop many times although in reality I did stop every mile or so.  I just kept wondering what the heck was going on with me?!   Deep down I knew I should have rested.  This week 1 in Boot Camp was tough.  The trainers opened up a can of whoop ass and I drank it.  My legs, my back, my shoulders were feeling it all over.  Damn.  Rest day.  Why do I fight it so much?  I finally got off the main streets in town and made my way to the bike path to make the loop back to my house.  I was running along feeling bad about myself and this awful run I was in the middle of when I saw the benches.  The bike path has these benches along the path.  When I was heavy, I tried to get my kids out and do stuff with them.  One of the things I used to do was put Hope on her bike, put Jack in the jogger and walk the bike path.  Only I was so freaking out of shape that I’d have to sit and rest at each bench.  I couldn’t make it very far without the rest stop.  I would be so out of breath, from just walking.  It really is unreal to think about now.  I would never dreamed of the life I have now.  I wanted it but was not willing to make the changes until I had to.  Once I hit my rock bottom, is when it all changed for me.  I was so thankful to see those benches on the run.  I blew past each and every one with no desire to stop and rest even though I was hurting.  It was a sign of inspiration for me in my terrible run.  Those benches and my reflections on the past made the run not so terrible afterall.  I managed to squeeze out 5.3 miles.  I didn’t get my 7 miles in but I’ll try again next weekend.

wpid-IMG_100937310659529.jpeg               wpid-ABM_1394905116.jpg

This week my trainers gave us a quote to think about…”If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”  I have really been thinking about that quote a lot. I feel like I am always challenging myself to personal challenges throughout my fitness journey.  I just keep thinking, what can I do now?.. right now to challenge myself.  I don’t know exactly what it is yet, still lingering on this.  I’ll get report back next week 😉  ~ Emily xo


5 thoughts on “Race Recap, Running, Reflections

    • Thanks Michelle! That quote is such a great statement. Be proud of what you can do and how far you have come~ So great! Hope you are getting better weather- Happy Spring (this week!!)

  1. I use the benches as a sight marker to make myself keep running to when I need a walking break or a quick stretch of the legs. It’s great that they gave you the boost to keep going!

  2. that sounds like a fun race and a great way to start out your race season! so cool that you’re already planning on doing the half next year; good luck and way to go!

    • Thanks Brittney! I won’t have a super busy race season this year. Last Year’s goal of 13 races in 2013 was draining! I’m going to try and focus more on the longer distances..10k and up. I look forward to hearing about your next race( be healthy!) 😉

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