Virtual Coffee Date


This morning I am participating in a virtual coffee date.  I am going blog like I am sitting with a few of my favorite people and and talk about some happenings on my mind.  Like if we were sitting together right now in a hip coffee shop watching all the customers come in and out and passers by I start by asking you how your week was.  Did you have anything new or exciting happen?  I had a recovery week for boot camp so I had to remain dedicated to be active.  This week was a bit different cause I actual honored the rest days.  I went for a 3 mile run at 5:15am on Wednesday and Friday.  It was nice being out there running the seawall even though the temps were cold.  We’d lead into the plan for my first half marathon this summer and if I think I am ready.  I’d tell you some of my ideas but listen to yours too.  I’d consider all of the wonderful exciting things being discussed.  The conversation starts butterflies in my belly.  Other than that, I did not have any events this week worthy of discussing in detail.

I’d then ask you about lunch.  What does your typical lunch consist of?  I would talk about how my lunches tend to be similar as the school year progresses.  I would most likely talk about my obession with the avocado and my desire to include it in all of my lunches whether it “fits” the meal or not.  I just LOVE avocado.  I’d mention how I cut into one on Wednesday and it was all yucky looking and brown so I tossed it and cut another and the same thing happened.  Third one was a charm but I was disappointed because I had just bought them.  I’d hope through our conversation that you’d give me some great new ideas that for some weird reason I had not thought of.  I’ll be happy that I’m leaving our gathering with the desire to hit the market on the way home to buy all these new foods.

I’m sure you’d ask me how I am feeling about my picture and feature in the magazine.  I’d have to tell you that I am still on board with feeling excited and proud of my accomplishments and that I am learning to not care about the number the scale is telling me.  You would most likely be genuinely proud of me, afterall self-love on the scale is probably one of the most toughest things. I’d tell you how I have been faithfully logging my food.  That I had been simply writing what I eat in a notebook.  I am not calorie counting, just recording.  That some wonderful friends have offered to look at my diet and reflect on some things that may be causing this everlasting plateu.  I am hopeful for some changes in my future.  I’d tell you I’m fearful for them to see my Saturday logs.  We’d laugh knowing darn well why.  Seeing all the booze on the log will make them question if I have a drinking problem.  We’d discuss how my life had drasctically changed from my daily glass of wine or two.  I save it all for my day off, Saturdays.  Anyway, I’ll be making some changes based on my friend’s recommendations.  I’ll keep you posted with what they will be.

We’d talk about our kids.  Mine are doing well lately.  Jack is growing into such a big boy since turning 4 last month.  Hope is on her way to being toothless as her second front tooth will be missing by later this afternoon. I’d take out my phone and show you these pics…

wpid-20140223_155035.jpg    wpid-20140301_125029-1.jpg

The cabin fever hit our family hard this year.  This was one tough winter.  The cold has been unbearable and the amount of snow is just plain cruel.  Our family is so hungry for spring.  We’d reminisce about the many fun times in our backyard with the bounce house, fire pit, tree house, and drinks on the deck.  I’d tell you our plans for a new deck or patio and how we haven’t decided what to do just yet. I’d talk about the other home improvements we do every year with our Uncle Sam money.  It’s never much so we have to make sure it’s on the top of our list.

We’d end our coffee date with the plans to get together again soon and perhaps so for a walk next time.  There is nothing that warms the heart more than coffee and great conversions with a friend ❤

wpid-20140301_154715.jpg XO~ EMILY


7 thoughts on “Virtual Coffee Date

  1. I’m so bad with lunches, too. This week I decided it was going to be quiche and veggies, so, Sunday night I made quiche for the week and cut up a bunch of peppers. I’d usually say I hate eating the same thing everyday but now for some strange reason it doesn’t bother me so much. Last week was hard boiled eggs, toast, veggies, and fruit. I’m in an eggs for lunch phase I guess.

  2. Those lunch foods sound good, Allison! I sometime will make a quiche but I’m the only one in the house that will eat it so it never gets finished with just me. I tend to bring chopped salads most days. I could bring some HB eggs and a side of raw veggies. Thanks for posting! 🙂

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