What’s The Word?


The weather here in Rhode Island is enough to make you crazy.  We have had 4 snow days from school giving my family a SERIOUS case of cabin fever! Thankfully the additional 6 inches we welcomed yesterday happened on a Saturday and we are now in our week off for February Vacation.  I do not want any more snow days!! The last day is currently Tuesday June 24th.  Oh boy! That seems late to me!  I love me some beach days with my kids and girlfriends.  Not to mention~ I have got to get the half marathon training going pretty soon!! I am beyond excited to get some longer distances under my belt.


Today after I had a yummy pancake breakfast, I looked outside.  Gorgeous sun shining in the sky, icicles dripping from my roof, and I could see some pavement on the road…RUN!!!! I said “Emily, get off the couch and go, go, go!!” I had set a plan to do some type of Bosu ball workout, Hula Hoop, and maybe Just Dance on the Wii.  I dove head first into mud pits this summer.  I climbed walls, army crawled through mud under barbed wire..why the heck was I hesitating over slushy roads?  I was going to lace up and run 🙂 Running was my #1 choice by far!! Upon going outside, my hubs took one look at me and rolled his eyes.  He was working hard, shoveling the winter mess.  He said “What are you doing?”  Uh, I thought I looked pretty clear I was going for a run, but whatever.  He then said something that made me think…”Why do you have to be so ambitious?”  AMBITIOUS.  Maybe I would use that word.  I tend to think of myself more as dedicated.  At times, I question if the more appropriate word is obsessed.  AMBITIOUS.  I think it sounded negative when he said it though.  Hubs is totally supportive of my “interests”.  He would love for me to relax about the working out though.  This is where I question if it is ambition, dedication, or obsession.  I took a rest day yesterday.  I ended the day with around 5,000 steps and no where near filling my activity bar on my tracker.  Rest days cause me stress.  I wonder if not wearing my tracker would help me on rest days or hurt me.  I need to learn it is OKAY to be below my average activity on rest days.

wpid-ABM_1392579577.jpg   wpid-ABM_1392579749.jpg

So on the run I did a lot of reflecting.  What word describes me?  Was it ambitious, dedicated, or obsessed?  I ran over those snow covered roads wondering which word people would pick to describe me.  What word would you use to describe YOU?  I decided I am AMBITIOUS!! Oh yes I am! Just look at that definition~ It’s me.  I do have a strong desire and determination to succeed! I guess my hubs knows me well ❤  Yes, yes I do have to be so ambitious 🙂  That is my answer, and I’m sticking to it!

This past week at a glance:

Sunday: Rest Day

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: Boot camp 544 cal

Wednesday: Snow Day FB Challenge~ 120 Star Jumps, 490 Sit-Ups, 615 cal (I’m STILL SORE from the sit-ups!)

Thursday: Boot camp, 408 cal

Friday: Boot camp, 579 cal

Saturday: Rest Day

This upcoming week is school vacation.  I have some goals to run in addition to AM Boot camp.  Wish me luck! xo


5 thoughts on “What’s The Word?

  1. I think I am ambitious too!

    Great job this week. I would love to take another boot camp class. I did an 8 week class with my Mom a couple years ago and it was a blast.

    When are you beginning your official half marathon training?? I’m getting really excited with my training right now. I’m at the point now where every weekend I’m doing my new longest distance! It’s both exciting and kind of scary. LOL

    • Thanks Hilary 🙂
      I go to Boot Camp every Tues-Fri. I signed up for the entire year. It’s the best. I go at 5:30am when my family is asleep. It really fits my schedule well and my trainers are incredibly awesome. They really make it sooo fun. It is a great thing to add to running for the cross training aspect. I am not sure when I am going to begin the “official” training for my half. It isn’t until August 17th but I’d like to unofficially try to be ready to run a 10 miler at the end of April. I don’t want to commit to that yet cause of this awful weather and how I’m unable to get outside on a regular basis yet. The longest distance I’ve run is just short of 7 miles so I do have a ways to go!

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