Bye Bye January, Hello February! <3


Wow! I feel like January flew by.  One month of 2014 goals, accomplished.  The 5 Burpees a day goal was a lofty one, LOL. It’s getting real freaking old…quick.  I know in the end it will make me better at them, for now I will continue to suffer.  I have new, exciting, and challenging goals over the 28 days in February.  One is truly heartfelt.  I am attempting to spread the idea of self-love.  I will be teaching myself how to truly love myself.  February is the month of love and that love will begin with me.  I will take time each day to reflect on what I find special or original about myself.  Some may see the things I am thankful for and wonder how on Earth I could feel for that thing, and that is why I am “teaching” myself and others how to stop the self shaming and start self-loving.  Stretch marks? love it.  Chubby thighs? sweet.  This is a huge problem in our country and I want my daughter to learn to love herself so she will be able to give out love to others.


Another goal is to log a total of 55 running miles for the month.  I think I can make this happen because of the glorious February vacation that us teachers get at the end of the month.  Now, if Mother Nature gives me the big screw you and February is full of snow, this goal will be almost impossible.  I don’t have a gym membership; I solely use my daily Adventure boot camp as my main source of exercise and squeeze my runs in around that.  Once I begin my half-marathon training, the runs will certainly increase. (YAY!)


This was an exciting weekend as I waved goodbye to January and welcomed February.  My son, Jack, celebrated his 4th birthday on the 1st of the month.  I ran 4 miles that day to dedicate that to him and was happy to spend the day playing and loving him.  We had a family party on today and saw my happy boy enjoy life! I was able to squeeze in a couple miles after the family left.  The weather was simply gorgeous and I couldn’t imagine letting a run slip away for a day of “rest”. You all know how I feel about my rest days.  I only did a couple of miles so I felt like it was okay and feel good I can shave 6 miles off my February running goal 😉

wpid-20140202_104052.jpg  wpid-20140202_104046.jpg

In other news, big things happening in the eating category.  I am approaching my 100th day streak in logging my foods on MFP.  I have decided to stop.  I need to stop.  I am not shocked by my intake, certainly know how to eat healthy and need to walk away from the obsessive behavior.  I don’t know if this is forever, probably not, but necessary for now.  I am confident in saying that the chance of me losing weight once I stop is great.  I am sure of it.  I am trying to add calories in order to lose weight and I sadly am struggling with this.  I need to learn to listen to my body and eat when I feel hungry not cause an app is sending me phone alerts.  People have been complimenting lots lately, so I know this is working.  I will continue to add my extra calories and will not be weighing in until the end of the month.  Whew! Tough stuff, but I’m up for the challenge.  Bring it February! I’m ready for ya~

wpid-20140201_100907.jpg   Check out how I run 4 miles for him, come home and all he says is YOU STINK!!! I love my boy!!


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