Thoughts on This Busy Week


It certainly was one of those weeks that seemed incredibly busy.  When I take a step back, I scratch my head and wonder why?  I didn’t have school on MLK Jr day, and I had a snow day on Wednesday! Hmm, crazy.  I try to fit a lot in my schedule.  I need to learn to say no and walk away from extras that I keep reasoning that I can somehow fit it in my life.  Getting up at 4:50am each day to workout seems like its the only way sometimes to get that “me” time in.  I’m glad I do it then; I’ve made a lot of lasting friendships with these ladies that I sweat it out with 😉

This winter weather sure isn’t helping my running.  I really want to get a run schedule going.  The roads here are still slippery and don’t have much side room for a desperate runner.  I feel unsafe on the streets.  I have the option of our town’s bike path or use the treadmill at my Dad’s house.  I prefer outdoors.  I vary up the routes I take so I get hills and nice variety. I really want to do a run streak this Spring after the threat of snow is gone.  I will start with a 30 day challenge and see what happens from there.  I know I can fit at least a mile in everyday.  I think doing this will really improve my performance in the grand scheme of things.  I look at Michael Scott on Facebook (Run Nerds Rock) and feel inspired.  He started his streak as a challenge put forth by Runner’s World ( I believe) and he is currently on day 796!!! Say what?!?! Yup.  I am in awe of him and his dedication.  I wish I was a serious runner like some of the people I follow.  I am taking the first step with the fact that lately, I have been running without music.  I never thought that would happen.  I am trying to listen to my breathing, the sounds of my feet hitting, and just enjoying the thoughts that race through my head.  Some of my thoughts are funny (because I am funny, lol) and some are so serious that I could cry.  It’s nice without the music.  Not sure if I’m giving it up, just taking a break.  Today I ran on the treadmill.  It was a quick run, as my kids were in the other room watching TV and didn’t want to wait too long for me to get my run in.  I ran faster than I have run…like ever (I think!)  Yes, a little personal best fell in my lap today.  It surely made me smile.


Ending this post on a funny note.  My daughter, Hope, is a girl scout.  It was her first year selling cookies and we picked up her 114 boxes this afternoon.  We carefully sorted out all the cookies and took some silly pics.  I have to be honest.  I most likely will not eat any of the cookies.  I am just not into it.  Now, If Hope was selling chips or something salty, I’d be screwed.  I love me some Fritos and dip!  I may toss a think mint in my protein shake.  Just because I think that sounds good.  Sitting and eating a sleeve of them doesn’t.  At least not anymore.  I do remember back in the day eating a box (16 cookies) of the Samoas.  OH EM GEE! Those are killer! Enjoy the silly pics 🙂

wpid-20140126_173720.jpg                              wpid-20140126_173533-1.jpg            wpid-Screenshot_2014-01-26-19-15-11-1.png


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on This Busy Week

  1. Once upon a time, I could be really good about Girl Scout cookies- 2 Samoas a night, that’s it. Now my husband is a terrible influence and we split a box a night. Thank god this is my lil sis’s last year in scouting.

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