Get on the BALL!! AND Race Happy :)


I missed my weekly Tell it Tuesday due the the massive snow storm I am currently experiencing.  I am very excited I don’t have to get to work today even MORE excited I get to use the best home exercise toy equipment to get my workout in this morning! Yep! That’s right, I’m talking about the BoSU Ball! I heart this stability ball! Do you know why it’s called a BoSU Ball?  The name BoSU stands for Both Sides Up.  I use this ball in so many different ways on both sides.  One flat side, one stability ball side.  I first used the ball at the gym when I had hired a personal trainer.  He had instructed me some basic ways to use this ball.  Simple movements like lunges and squats.  Well, Iittle did I know there was a world of exercise to do with this thing!! I find daily inspiration from fitness expert Chalene Johnson and her 30 second Instagram clips of HIIT moves on the BoSU.  I can find even more ideas when I Pinterest it, or Google it.  I love the challenge that the stability gives me when performing planks, crunches, leg lifts, even burpees…yup, BoSU burpees happen in my house 😉  Other pros are that is reasonably priced, doesn’t take up a lot of space, easy to modify exercises, don’t need a lot of time to get a challenging sweat session going, and it’s fun!!!  I highly encourage everyone to consider investing in one of these super pieces of fitness equipment.  They sell them in every sports store and on Amazon.  Many even come with a DVD workout to go with it.  They range from $100-$120.  I have even seen PINK ones!! (insert squeal!!!Eeeee!!) I missed the boat on the pink but maybe you can get it, use it, and tell me all about it and I can be all proud and jealous of you!


Secondly today, I’d like to announce my AWESOME giveaway!!!!!!!  I am thrilled to be giving away race entries to the fan-flipping-tastic race, THE COLOR RUN!!!! The tagline is that it is the Happiest 5K on the Planet .  Whoever coined that line was a genius, cause it is!!  Who wouldn’t want to run for fun (not timed) and get totally color bombed every time to cross a kilometer?! AAhhhh!! I love it!! At the end of this fun race, you are covered head to toe in total awesomeness 🙂  New this year for the Kaleidoscope Tour 2014 is some legit race swag!!!


Every entry gets a designer t-shirt, rocking sling bag, retro headband, brag bracelet, sweet tattoos, and color packet.  So I ask you?  Do you want to win this amazing giveaway?  Comment below why you want in! I will be announcing the winner the first week in February!  The winners will be for the Providence, RI location only.  Oh snap!!! Not near there?  No worries! I got your back! Register now for you location with the code COLOR5OFF and save $5 on your race registration!! Woot! Woot!!  Check it out before it’s too late!




9 thoughts on “Get on the BALL!! AND Race Happy :)

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  2. Holy crap! You do burpees with one of those balls? That’s pretty hardcore. I imagine that is pretty hard considering I can’t do five consecutive “regular” ones! LOL

    • Haha, I do 5 reps at a time. It has hand grooves, so I hold over head, place ball side down, jump back, jump in, lift and repeat. My heart feels like its going to explode, LOL. I love it, LOL…distrubing? 😛

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