Facing Challenges


This week I was faced with a couple of challenges.  Sunday night I went to bed happy and healthy, woke up with the incredible pain of a pinched nerve in my neck.  OUCH!! I hate when that happens.  (maybe I need a new pillow, lol) I had a hard time even lifting my arms to put my coat on.  I immediately had an inner feeling of panic.  How am I going to exercise with this problem?! I took some Advil and applied ice on and off all day at work. I had to admit defeat when I text my trainers for boot camp about tomorrow’s routine, upper body focus.  I sadly said, I will not be there.  That is HUGE for me.  I have not been faced with any injuries since starting my journey ( sitting here…knocking on wood) and this isn’t really an injury but a small roadblock.  I iced it all day on Tuesday too.  By Tuesday afternoon, I was feeling good.  I went home immediately after work, threw on some running gear and headed for the door.  The next challenge was that it was 10 degrees out.  I have never run in such a cold temperature.  As soon as I got outside, my fingers froze! I headed out with the thought of a couple miles, but could only handle one.  I ran as fast and as steady as I could and made in back in record time, literally! I’m pretty sure it was my fastest mile ever!


I continued with my week and as Saturday drew close I was reminded of the commitment I made to my friend, Allison.  Allison is a coach at a local CrossFit.  She had invited me for the bring a friend day.  I had said yes knowing that $hit freaks me out!! All the heavy lifting, grunting, barbells! Oh my goodness, so intimidating!  I reasoned with myself.  I conquered a lot in 2013.  I SUCCESSFULLY did the Warrior Dash and Bold R Dash, two highly challenging obstacle course races.  Surely, this not going to kill me. I arrived at the gym, ready to go.  I looked around, it looked fun.  Lots of familiar equipment, some new stuff I was curious about.  Allison, posted our WOD on the board.  It was totally doable.  I was thrilled it was all stuff that was challenging and familiar.  I really enjoyed the squats with the barbell the most.  I love squats.  I dream of having a big butt, a big butt solely based on squats, not pizza.  Overall, a fun experience that did not require me to lose sleep over.  I left liking the CrossFit experience, not loving it.  I liked the feeling of everyone working together, some separate, cheering each other on, all working at their own fitness level.  I did feel the one lacking feature for me was the cardio piece.  I love my boot camp for this reason.  The trainers have it all planned out.  We always are working different groups of muscles on different days.   For example, if we do a lower body focus, we also include cardio.  It really is everything perfect 🙂


Finally I end the week with a pleasant surprise and honor.  I was chosen to be a Train Dirty Fitness ambassador!!! I find this to be a huge honor as thousands of girls apply and are not accepted.  Crystal Honeycutt, the owner, saw something in me that she found to be special and inspiring.  I can’t wait to be a part of this incredible group of girls out to spread the love of fitness!


8 thoughts on “Facing Challenges

  1. Do you recommend CrossFit and BootCamp for people with joint problems in their knees/ankles/hips? I know that sometimes moves like squats and lunges can be challenging for me when done with too much weight. Do they consider this before they throw you in? Haha! You have accomplished so much, and you should be proud! I loved reading this. =]

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