Tell Me To Move My A$$!!!



This is my first edition on Tell it Tuesday! Each Tuesday I’ll be telling you what products, foods, places, etc, that I like.  Today I am talking about my most favorite gadget, the activity tracker.  I love wearing an activity tracker.  I have worn one for over 3 years.  I started with the good ol’ pedometer that you clip to your belt.  It drove me nutso.  I begged hubs to let me buy this new state of the art tracker called a Fitbit.  That was back in 2010.  It was a digital thing you again, clipped to your belt, bra, or anywhere in the trunk of the body vicinity.  This was the coolest thing in my weight loss journey.  I made myself get 10,000+ steps a day.  I sure as heck wasn’t even close to that on a normal working day! Keep in mind, I teach.  I teach kids; constantly walking around my room all day, up and down the halls, yet I never came close without some effort.  This was a game changer for me.  The fitbit was loyal to me over the years, I even accidently washed and dried the thing and it kept going!! Total awesomeness.  Recently, activity trackers are all the rage in the fitness community.  Me being the gadget lover that I am have tried a few out.  I tried a MOVband, and it had a nice price point but the online data and synching was poor.  I spent some time researching this tracker thing; I was ready for an upgrade.  Fitbit was coming out with great products like the Flex and (even better) the Force.  I admit, I trusted Fitbit and their customer service was great.  I could not deny what Polar had just put in the market.  The Polar Loop!! It was a wrist worn tracker, a display showing instant feedback (no need to sync to see like in the Flex), and completely waterproof for the triathlete.  I’m no triathlete but I am a mom and I get soaked on many unexpected occasions 😉  All this was fabulous, but not what sold me.  The Polar Loop has a Bluetooth capability to sync my HR to the band.  No tracker on the market has this feature and I think it’s fan-freaking-tastic!! I have always wanted to know my exact calorie burn and now I got it.  So my message to you is clear, get a tracker! Research them, find what is best for your lifestyle and set some goals.  This is the best way to make some long term fitness changes.  When this thing tells you to get up and move that a$$, you need to listen 🙂

In other news, I had professional development today.  I literally sat on my butt all day.  It killed me and the empty goal bar on the tracker was haunting me.  As soon as I got home, I went for a run.  It was as cold as heck out, 10 degrees. I only got a mile in.  I looked at it in a positive way, one mile is better than no mile, right?


8 thoughts on “Tell Me To Move My A$$!!!

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  2. I’ve been eyeballing a few trackers more and more lately. I just can’t seem to commit to spending that kind of money on one yet, though. For now I use a Nike Move app on my iPhone, and the Nike+ GPS app for running/walking. I get pretty disappointed when the Nike Move app seems only to capture some of my movement (for example, I walk dogs during the day, so I move a lot, but it doesn’t record me as walking for as long as I actually did walk, so I end up not “winning” a few hours a day that I should.)

    If I can commit myself to a regular physical fitness routine then maybe, just maybe, I’ll invest in a fitness tracker other than my iPhone. I’m partial to Nike so I might choose one of theirs.

    • I was in love with the Nike FUELBAND. I really wanted to get that one but the reviews were terrible; even after a few editions. I was hoping the price point would go down and that they would fix all the things the customers complained about. Needless to say, It still isn’t rated high. I would wait til you are good and ready. Maybe Nike will have fixed all the kinks and have a competitive price seeing there are so many on the market 🙂 Good luck and let me know if you end up getting one!

      • If things go as planned and I stick to the workout schedule I just made for the next two weeks maybe it will become a habit and I’ll get one for my birthday in March. We’ll see though. 🙂

  3. I love this! I just bought a jawbone up, but I got a small and am not sure if it’s going to fit my wrist when it gets here. We’ll see. Would love to see a detailed review of the Polar Loop and how it works for you! =D

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