Rest Day…ugh



Rest days challenge me.  Burpees? no.  Sprints? nope.  How about running 5 miles?  not too much.  Ask me to rest and I will struggle.  Sure the exercises I listed are a challenge, but of a different kind.  As a former “chubby” girl, I can’t shake the feeling that I need to exercise everyday or the old habits/old attitude will come back.  Logically, I know its silly.  I sure as heck didn’t get chubby overnight, so the struggle is mine.   It’s like the 2-day quote posted above…I NEVER can allow myself more then 2 days.  A lot of weight loss is about conquering the mind games.  It’s a battle between who I used to be and who I currently am today.  Even after all this time, I still fight the fat girl in my head.  Today I went shopping for new clothes.  Nothing in particular, had some gift cards from Christmas and thought I’d go and see what is out there.  Shopping is when the old me comes out.  I still buy the bigger sizes.  It is kind of like I don’t believe I’m not an XL, I had been for so long.  I get the bigger size and spend the entire time pulling my pants up when I am at work, running, or working out.  It’s frustrating.  I actually tried some things on in the dressing room at Marshall’s and still couldn’t buy the correct size.  I don’t know why.  Even though some pants fit and looked good, I declined.  I played it safe; I got sneakers.  Not for running, for everyday use.  I lost three pairs racing this year in mud races and color runs.  I only have one pair now I use for running and boot camp.  I did need a pair of kick around sneaks and these sneakers are FUN!! Love them 🙂


I also used one of my cards at Sports Authority.  I got a much needed item.  I bought an Under Armor windbreaker for running.  It is a special lightweight jacket to keep you dry and warm.  I’m thrilled about this purchase! I ran the Mews Gear and Beer 5K in November and it was freezing! My mom knew what I needed, so she lent me her jacket that day.  It was a lifesaver.  I sweat like CRAZY when running.  I was going to bundle up with layers and she convinced me to wear a long-sleeved teach tee and her jacket and it was perfect.  I’m thrilled to have my own; and its Under Armor, a brand I really like.

My rest day challenge was to drink 128oz of water today.  I’m currently at 64.  I’ve got up the intake.  This may be one of the reasons I’m still having trouble losing more weight.  Winter time is not a great time for drinking water. I recently discovered Herbalife’s Aloe to add to my water. It is my fav! Very delish and provides great benefits.  I’m off to plan my weekly dinner menu and drink up!


9 thoughts on “Rest Day…ugh

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  2. Sometimes I “cheat” and put a teaspoon of pure maple syrup in my 16-oz water bottle. Makes me feel like I’m indulging, and I’m able to drink the water. Just drinking plain water is sometimes very hard. Don’t know why, but it just it. Thanks for being honest and letting me know that I’m not the only one who struggles to drink all the water.

  3. I’m exactly the same. Something in my head refuses to believe I’m not the size I used to be. My wardrobe is full of running pants that are to big but I can’t quite bring myself to buy the smaller size. And every time I have more than one rest day I’m convinced I’ll put on every pound I’ve lost.

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