Race Talk and Motherhood

Two big things on my mind today.  One, registered for a local race today.  The Ocean’s Run.  It’s a 1/2, 5K, and Kids Fun Run.  It is held in a gorgeous area, not far from my house; all coastal.  It will be cold that day since it is on March 9th.  I registered for the 5K since I would not be ready for the 1/2 by then since this silly New England weather is putting a hold on lots of training runs.  New this year is a finisher’s medal, jackets, and sling bags.  I love getting a medal.  It’s one of the little things about a race that I enjoy.  Leading me into this…I enjoy races.  I REALLY find them exciting.  I was at one this summer and saw an old friend.  She was there cheering her husband on.  She had commented, “I’m not sure why he is doing this, it’s not like he is ever going to win.”  That comment stuck with me for a long time.  It is STILL lingering today.  I never have entered a race “to win.”  I have no intention of ever even placing in my age category.  I do it for the feeling; its a rush.  The overall feeling of accomplishment at the end is the best.  However, there are the other feelings too.  The adrenaline, heart pounding before the start, the complete feeling of pride while crossing each mile, the sense of community when surrounded by others with the same passion.  Oh, that feeling at the finish is like no other.  That feeling of complete pride!  I want that for you.  So I put this out there…just do it.  In 2014, participate in your first race.  I challenge you to do it.  You will never regret it.  You may not get “bitten” with race addiction like I did, but that sense of accomplishment will be with you forever.  Research area 5K races online.  Download an app, “Couch to 5K” to your phone or iPod and slowly get ready for it.  I believe that you can do it!

Second thing…motherhood.  While registering for races, I have always had to keep in mind that it needs to fit into the crazy schedule of my family.  Being a mom of a 3 and 7 year old, I cannot just get up and go whenever I want.  I need to make sure someone is around to care for them while making these plans.  Kind of like today.  Boot Camp was cancelled due to snow, running was not happening due to snow, so I need to get creative and figure out a way to get my active time in.  As I type this entry, I have 2,023 steps in my day.  OMG.  What?! That is terrible!!  Well, Motherhood strikes hard.  Croup today and Stomach bug this week has entered the house making this a challenge.  I’m hoping for a movie time or down time later so I can get it in.  They are currently bouncing on the BOSU ball and asking for snacks. ((Sigh)) It may be dark before I get “me” time in but it will eventually happen.  So for now I go and give snuggles, make kids some snacks, and enjoy the rest of my snow day 🙂


6 thoughts on “Race Talk and Motherhood

  1. Emily, I ran this 1/2 a couple years ago with Zene. It’s a fun course….did I read that right, that you get a medal for the 5K? I may just have to sign up for that one. As you said, it is very rare to get a medal for a 5K and I have to be honest, I very rarely will run a “race” unless a medal is involved. 😀 – Heather

    • Haha, I heart medals!! I had to work my ass off for the Warrior Dash and Bold R Dash ones! As far as the Ocean’s Run goes, I understood it to be that both races get medals! That is what I love about the Rhody 5K’s like the St.Pat’s and others! Discount on registration today! Go checkout the TRIMOM Productions website for the code!

  2. I thought I would be one and done after my first 5k. So not the case! That feeling of crossing the finish line was amazing and I can’t get enough of it. 19 races last year alone!

    So far this year I am signed up for 4 half marathons, including the Ocean’s Run. This is one my most favorite races and it will be my third year. I hope we can meet each other there or sooner. Once I start running again, hopefully after Tuesday, maybe you can join me and the girls for our Monday morning run. We would love to have you!

    • That is awesome, Nicole! I hope to be totally ready to do the 1/2 for this race next year after I have one or two under my belt. Maybe we will meet soon 🙂 I teach everyday during the week, otherwise a Monday morning run I’d be totally into 🙂 Summer is a total possibility. Thanks for the invite!

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