Feeling the LOVE!

I am incredibly excited about this whole blogging thing!  I have invested so much of myself into health and fitness, it often consumes my mind.  I am sure I bore those around me with my constant calorie counting conversation, boot camp challenges of the day, running PR’s, and race agendas.  This gives me a perfect outlet to get all my crazy thoughts out there and maybe…just maybe you are nutty like me 😉   

So I start a FB page, titled the same as this here wonderful blog, and I am simply touched by the number of “likes” I have gotten in such a short period of time!! People have always said “You should do a FB page or a blog” and I just kinda laughed it off.  Do people really care what I have to say?  Perhaps, I was wrong.  Maybe you do find my thoughts or comments helpful.  Afterall, losing 88 lbs is no small feat.  I am totally excited to help, share, support, encourage you all in anyway I can.  I have been there; in that place of total fear, disgust, and despair.  I know that feeling when you have to make the decision to change, and change forever.  Scary business!  It has taken me while to get to this point but I knew I was in no hurry.  This was going to be for life, no taking back my promises. 

Enjoy the updates and let me know how you like it!

I’m thinking of starting a “Tell it Tuesday” theme.  Every Tuesday I will tell you something I like or love! It may be a product (I’m a gadget girl) or a favorite food, etc.  YAY!!

Thanks again for the “likes” and the support.  I HOPE that this a success in 2014!


2 thoughts on “Feeling the LOVE!

    • Mine clears fresh everyday at midnight. I would go into settings on the computer and check your time zones/settings. Make sure you are choosing each thing correctly. I remember there being a lot of choices since Polar is worldwide. I wonder if your Loop says the correct time? Does it clear the activity bar or calories each day? That would make me frustrated!

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